“To be prochoice about abortion is to be proabortion”

16.a) “I’m personally against abortion, but I’m still prochoice. Its a legal alternative, and we don’t have the right to keep it from anyone. Everyone’s free to believe what they want, but we shouldn’t try to impose it on others.”

In response to this statement we answer:

” Some people have the illusion that being personally opposed to abortion while believing others should be free to choose it is some kind of compromise between the proabortion and profile position. It isn’t. Pro choice people vote the same as pro abortion people. Both oppose legal protection for the innocent unborn. Both are willing for children to die by abortion and must take responsibility for the killing of those babies even if they do not participate directly.”

it is a matter of principle, regardless if you would do it or not. It is like the pro slavery and against slavery, yet some would argue that it is morally wrong, but they believed that those who owned slaves should have the right to do so. Does that change the fact that those individuals were tortured and abused? Did that contribute to the change in the laws? No. The reality is that when we acknowledge that something is morally wrong, we cannot simply think that it only applies for ourselves and our moral compass. The reality does not change, and the unborn continue to be killed in their mothers womb every day. I cannot say that something is wrong for me, yet sit and watch others do it because they think is morally right. I have to stand for what I think is right. We cannot compromise the truth, because it is not relative concept. This is what made the difference in the issues of slavery, and the holocaust in WWII.

“Even if the unborn are human beings, they have fewer rights than the woman. No one should be expected to donate her body as a life-support system for someone else.”

9 a) Once we grant that the unborn are human beings, it should settle the question of their right to live.

” But how can one’s humanity be irrelevant to the question of whether someone has the right to kill him? Wasn’t the black person’s humanity relevant to the issue of slavery, or the Jew’s humanity relevant to the ethics of the Holocaust? Not only is the unborn’s humanity relevant, It is the single principle most relevant issue on the whole abortion  debate.”

Historical events, which helped to shape our society in terms of defending human rights and the dignity of human life, is being contradicted when a statements as such, that a child has less rights than its mother when in her womb. If the child within the womb is acknowledged to be a human life, like many scientists have come to conclude, how is their life less important than their mothers. Simply because it cannot defend itself? Human life and its dignity, isn’t it equal for every human being regardless of their shape, size, religion, colour, ethnicity. How is this human life any different?

9 b) The right to live doesn’t increase with age and size; otherwise toddlers and adolescents have less right to live than adults.

Francis Beckwith states:

“They argue, however, that although the unborn entity is human, insofar as belonging to the species homo sapiens, it is not a person and hence not fully human… Other philosophers take the gradualist position and argue that the unborn gradually gains more rights as it develops. Hence, a zygote has fewer rights than a six month-old fetus, but this fetus has fewer rights than and adult woman.”

If this is so then the woman that is arguing about her rights as a woman, at some point had no rights at all, considering that she too was in her mothers womb at some point in her development. Thus in our development stages an adolescence has more rights than a young child, and an infant than a toddler. With this arguments we can morally justify or debate the morality to the killing of a toddler instead of an infant, and an infant than an adolescent, and so forth. The question here is, aren’t all this simply different developmental stages, yet they do not change the fact that these all continue to be in their existence and essence human beings?

11. “Every woman should have control over her own body. Reproductive Freedom is a basic right.”

11a. “Abortion assures that 650,000 females each year do not have control over their bodies.”

” About twenty million females have died from abortion since it was legalized. A female killed by abortion no longer has a body or a life and will never have the privilege of controlling one.”

11b. “Not all things done with a person’s body are right, nor should they all be legally protected.”

“Prostitution is usually illegal. So is taking certain drugs. Most of us agree with these laws, yet they all restrict our freedom to do certain things with our bodies. The key question is whether what is done with one person’s body brings significant harm to others. Clearly, abortion does.”

1. “It is uncertain when human life begins; that’s a religious question that cannot be answered by science.”

1a.  If there is uncertainty about when human life begins, the benefit of the doubt should go to preserving life.

Shouldn’t we give the benefit of the doubt to life?  Otherwise we are saying, “This may or may bot be a child, therefore it’s all right to destroy it.”

1b.  Medical textbooks and scientific reference works consistently agree that human life begins at conception.

Many people have been told that there is no medical or scientific consensus as to when human life begins.  This is simply untrue.  Among those scientists who have no vested interests in the abortion issue, there is overwhelming consensus that human life begins at conception.  (Conception is the moment when the egg is fertilized by the sperm, bringing into existence the zygote, which is a genetically distinct individual).



How To Communicate With A Friend Considering Abortion

How To Communicate With A Friend Considering Abortion

You never know when you might find yourself in this situation. Read this article to help be prepare if a friend comes to you considering abortion.

“I’m pregnant, and I want an abortion.”

How should one react when a friend says those words? 

  1. Seek to Understand
  2. Support Her
  3. Inform Her
  4. Be Unwavering