Heartless Procedure

By James Martyres



Dr. D.Seat




A dark room. The room is enclosed with red walls and Joseph has a rope attached to his waist.  Dr. D.Seat enters stage right with a pair of large forceps in his hand.


Joseph looks up towards Dr. D.Seat.

Doctor (talking to the room): Don’t worry, there is nothing in here but unneeded tissue. I will get rid of it.

Narrator: Joseph looks frightened and tries to move away but is unable because of the rope.

Voice (offstage): Please get rid of it quickly. I don’t need this right now.

Doctor: Relax. The procedure won’t harm you. Just relax.

Narrator: Dr. D. Seat walks up to Joseph and grabs him by the arm with the forceps. Joseph tries to speak. He wants to tell the doctor to stop. He tries to shout out but can’t even get a sound out.

The doctor pulls at Joseph with forceps, tearing his arm from his body. Joseph collapses on the floor. Again the forceps grasp Joseph, this time slashing the right side of the chest.  The doctor twists and yanks his torso. Lastly the forceps locate and squeeze Joseph’s head. Blood trickles down his scalp.

Doctor: Almost done.

A final snap is heard as the skull of Joseph is broken.

Voice: Is it over?


This story might seem absurd, but it reflects a tragic reality in Canada. It attempts to depict the stark contrast two perspectives on abortion: the doctor who understands it as a “clinical procedure” and child who is brutally killed.

Let me discuss Joseph’s character.

Joseph is an unborn child (fetus). Some say (and have said to me) that a fetus is just a blob of tissue. While each person is comprised of various tissues those tissues form organs. As a fetus develops, his or her heartbeat can be heard as early as 4 weeks. Fingernails are formed by 10 weeks. Hair on the head is present by 20 weeks.  Even more astonishing, a baby can survive out of the womb at 20 weeks (15% chance).

The “voice”? The voice represents the mother of the child. Many abortive mothers are unfamiliar with the details of the abortion procedure and don’t know what to expect. Most fear an uncertain future. A pregnancy changes parents’ lives in major ways. An unexpected pregnancy is no exception and abortion is held up as a “quick fix,” a fast, private way to eliminate an inconvenient problem.

Just as true friends kindle their friendship in the present moment undaunted by the potential problems of the future, so too parents are to care for their children regardless of a frightening future. Our culture and, more importantly, each one of us must support and encourage men and women who, even unexpectedly, discover themselves to be new parents.

For more information on the many different methods of abortion please explore the links below. Be warned, the methods are unnerving. Remember: these methods are legal in Canada. Sometimes I ask myself, “is it over”?

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Opening Your Eyes

By James Martyres

For many who start to become pro-life, there is the question “so what do I do now?” or “what am I standing up for?” Most importantly, there is the idea that you want to show the rights of the human being.

Being part of the pro-life movement has shown me how people sometimes fail to see the reality of things. Through the years I have come across many that oppose my view. They have said that it is the women’s right to do what she wants, to choose to have an abortion. But that’s not always the case. Consider Roxanne Fernando of Winnipeg who was brutally beat to death by her boyfriend Nathanael Plourde (with accomplices) because she refused to have an abortion.

A surprising number of people that have gone to a clinic to have an abortion are forced or pressured by parents, husband/ boyfriends, profit-driven abortion clinics, and friends. It is not pro-woman to force a mother to abort her child. She carries a human being in the womb and that human being possesses a right to life.

Sadly some women may be vulnerable to such compulsion, frightened and unaware of the selfish motives of others. But these women must be shown other options, including adoption and support centers for crisis pregnancy. There are many couples unable to conceive children and so will choose to adopt a child. Also there are support organizations that can assist with the care of mother and child as they establish a stable footing.

So to all new pro-lifers: open your eyes to the good you can do protecting both the dignity of motherhood and of human life. And, as you open your eyes, work to open the eyes of those around you!