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  1. My daughter is a member of the Culture of Life Group at Lakeshore Catholic.First of all thanks for your support and encouragement last year to their group. Alicia would appreciate some input -how would you respond to this excuse for an Abortion:
    “Why would anyone want to bring another child into this screwed-up world-my child would grow up in a horrible society?”.

    She has her own view-
    “God’s creation is beautiful…and there is still so much of God’s presence in the world…and you create the first view your children have. So see and show that part of the world-and stay connected there…”

    • Hi Louise,

      Thanks for you question! Alicia definitely has a great perspective on the issue. Just because aspects of our society might be deemed “horrible,” it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot of good in the world. To say that our society is horrible misses the mark and seems to purposely avoid all of the positive things in life.

      Another way to look at this excuse is to ask: why is our society horrible? Abortion, the murder of unborn children, is condoned in our society. If the unborn are truly human (which is what is really at the heart of this issue) then having an abortion to “spare” the child from our “horrible” society doesn’t actually avoid the problem, it makes it worse. If the unborn are devalued to the point that we will permit their murder then how can our society look upon born humans with the dignity that they deserve?

      Lastly, Alicia could ask the question of whether we would permit murdering a baby because of the poor conditions or society in which he or she lives. If we wouldn’t permit murdering a born child then why would we permit murdering an unborn child? If the person says that abortion isn’t murder then you’re back to the central issue: whether the unborn are human. The size, level of development, environment, degree of dependency, circumstances of conception, etc. don’t determine the value of the unborn. They are valued based on what they are: human.
      Here is a great resource which outlines ways in which we can respond to pro-choicers:

      If you have any more questions let us know and we’d be pleased to answer 🙂

  2. I hope you don’t mind that I’m using your site to advertise a trivia night at 7:00 pm this Saturday, March 24th at St. Mary’s Church in Welland. Tickets are $15 and the proceeds will assist local high school students attend the March for Life. Great site. Keep up the great work and peace out!

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